3 Ideas For Making The Most Of Your Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is on the horizon! It’s the holiday for apple-bobbing, dressing up in scary costumes and trick or treating.

sales for pumpkins increase by 90% in the lead -up to Halloween? One of the most iconic moments of Halloween is the carving of the pumpkin to make the popular Jack-O-Lanterns that can be found in thousands of homes this time of year.

two-thirds of consumers will throw away edible pumpkins once Halloween is over. That’s a lot of wasted food that ultimately has an impact on our environment.

What do you do with the remainder of the pumpkin?

We want to know – what do you do with the remainder of the pumpkin? After all, the first step in supporting our environment is minimising the amount of waste we produce. 

So before you throw away your unused pumpkin scraps, here are a few fun, inventive ways that you can make the most out of your pumpkin this Halloween.

Of you still have pumpkin leftover, make sure that this goes in with your food waste. This will help to keep your waste food from going to landfill because a more sustainable solution can be sourced.

Many waste service providers, JWS included, opt for Anaerobic Digestion as a sustainable solution that means your food waste can be used as a resource for electricity. You can find out more about food waste as a resource here.

These resourceful ways of utilising and reusing your pumpkin waste mean that you can support the environment and have fun doing it!

With sustainability being one of our main values here at JWS, we are pleased to share with you these fun ways that you can minimise your environmental impact over the holidays.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at JWS!