F Duerrs & Sons

JWS help one of the UK’s longest established family businesses with forward thinking waste management and recycling.

F Duerr & Sons Limited, England’s oldest family owned jam and preserves producers have always had a reputation as innovators, from pioneering vacuum sealing over a century ago to introducing tamper evident button caps and shrink sleeving during the early 1990’s.

So, following the company’s creation of a new warehouse and second production site at Wythenshawe in 1996 to cope with the increasing storage and production demands of their new whole fruit jam range, efficient waste management became an increasingly important priority.

Having enjoyed a productive partnership with Duerr’s since 2003, JWS was tasked in April 2011 with the supply of a compactor for mixed waste at their Floats Road site, as well the management of various recyclable materials including dry cranberry, wet cranberry, plastic, metal and cardboard.

With dry cranberry reused as agricultural compost and wet cranberry combined with other food waste food such as honey, sauces, bread, biscuits and cake to make nutritious pig feed, JWS is helping Duerr’s make the most of its food by-products by treating them as a sustainable and cost saving resource where possible. A monthly recycling report is produced and discussed with board members, including a breakdown of all costs, recycling rates and weights to highlight continued satisfaction of contract KPI’s.

JWS achieves 100 percent landfill diversion for all waste removed, with a recycling/recovery rate of approximately 90 percent. Some more valuable materials removed provide a rebate which is offset against the transport and disposal costs.

The pig feed is created by MAS Farm Feeds, one of the UK’s leading producers of feeds for slow reared pigs. The recovery and processing work carried out by JWS at Duerr’s Wythenshawe facility helps in keeping the cost of feed production to a minimum.  Paul Goddard, MAS Farm Feeds Director commented on the advantages of the process:

“The Duerr’s jam and preserves provide a great variety for our piglets, they grow well on the jam feed. It also mixes well with other feeds, such as bread and cakes etcetera. Sheep and cattle also like the mix and do equally as well on it. I am currently working on a plan with government backing, to process more of the waste food into animal feed, taking it away from landfill and anaerobic digestion.”