Your construction site can save time, money and improve efficiency with our wheelie bin solution.
We can deliver multiple wheelie bins to your site, as a solution for your construction waste and your plasterboard waste. Once your bins are full, we will return in our ‘big bite’ vehicle to empty your bins.
Construction wheelie bins give you the added bonus of segregating your construction and plasterboard waste streams.
Wheelie bins are small and versatile – saving room on your site and giving you the ability to manoeuvre waste containers to different areas (and levels) on site.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bins can I have?

The number of bins that you need will depend on the quantity of waste you are producing on your site.

Our construction bin service is based on a 5 bin minimum for each collection – this is to encourage less frequent site visits, reducing vehicle emissions for a greener solution.

Can the bins be moved?

Yes – this is what makes our construction bin solution ideal for many construction sites.

The wheelie bin containers can easily be manoeuvred around site, as well as used in lifts to go either underground or to upper levels.

When is the waste collected?

We run separate collection schedules for construction and plasterboard waste. Your waste collection will be added to this schedule following your request.

Construction waste: Monday to Friday

Plasterboard: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

These collection schedules help to improve the efficiency of our service and reduce emissions, so you can benefit from a sustainable solution.

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We improve your environmental impact by offering UK-based solutions that such as recycling and energy from waste.

“JWS have helped us to recycle currently over 50% of our waste, which is an excellent result for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other people.”

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