Inside JWS: A Focus On Driver Training

JWS would like to announce that four members of the team have now completed the SAFED (Safe and Fuel efficient driving) / Green Band Training course.

Andy Knowles (Driver Training and Development Manager), Graham Hinton (Driver Charge Hand)  Kamil Miskiewicz and Neil Booth (Customer Service LGV Drivers) have all completed the Green Band Instructor Training Course as part of their personal development and are now qualified to provide ongoing driver development to the JWS driving team.

The aim of the extra training is to help drivers develop skills that promote their safety and that of their vehicle, and other road users. Through safe and fuel efficient driving, drivers raise their levels of professionalism and become more of an asset to their employer.

Benefits of SAFED Driver Training

SAFED driver training can benefit drivers whilst also having an impact on organisations and the environment as a whole. Here are some of the benefits from our drivers being SAFED qualified:

Personal benefits for the drivers include:

  • Reduced stress levels and enhanced satisfaction of driving
  • Increased confidence in vehicle control and driving performance

By developing the skills of our HGV drivers, in line with SAFED, JWS benefit from:

  • Reduced fuel spend
  •  Increased productivity and vehicle utilisation
  • Reduced running costs (particularly relating to maintenance and tyres)
  • Potential reductions in insurance premiums

For Organisations and the Environment, safe and fuel efficient driving contributes to:

  • The development of a health and safety culture within an organisation
  • Effective risk management
  • Reducing CO2 and other harmful vehicle emissions
  • Reducing vehicle and personal injury accidents/incidents

JWS foster the growth and development of our workforce. We believe that training is a key part in building a strong workforce that gets the best results.

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