Maximising The Value
Of Your Waste Materials

Here at JWS, we maximise the value of your waste materials by focusing on resource recovery via our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) here in Salford.

To showcase our commitment to providing a sustainable solution, we have made our current recycling statistics available for you to access right here. The graphs on this page are automatically updated for each month, meaning you will be able to view our most recent data.

The chart on the right shows the percentage of waste that we have sent for recycling, waste to energy or landfill. You can switch between our annual statistics and also the statistics for the most recently completed month.

For a breakdown of the waste materials that we have processed, you can view the chart further down and again switch between a monthly and annual view.

The graph following our breakdown shows our recycling, energy from waste and landfill statistics on a per month basis, along with our total waste outputs and CO2 savings.

Landfill Diversion % For June 2018
Materials Breakdown
And Disposal Solution
Breakdown For June 2018
Waste Outputs And CO2 Savings 
For Each Month
Carbon Savings 
Through Landfill Diversion

We aim to divert at least 98% of your waste from landfill, either by recycling your waste materials or utilising your waste as an energy resource.

By diverting your waste from landfill, this results in higher carbon saving figures, helping to lower your carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

The graph on the right shows a comparison between carbon saved by JWS diverting waste from landfill diversion and the total company’s emissions between April 2018 – March 2019.

We actively work to reduce our own emissions to improve our own environmental impact through continual developments and by investing in our fleet of Euro 5 and 6 vehicles for maximum environmental benefit.