In-House Recycling Centre

Focusing on resource recovery via our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) offers one of the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions for waste producers.

This kind of efficient handling means we maximise the value of your waste materials and reduce the burden of rising costs associated with landfill.

Our Materials Recovery Process:

1.     Collected waste materials are tipped onto a large conveyor in our MRF

2.     Magnets are used to separate out metal material on the conveyor

3.     A rotating drum called a Trommel causes finer particles to fall onto smaller conveyors

4.     The finer particles and smaller aggregates are separated further using an air conveyance system

5.     Meanwhile, the remaining larger materials are sorted by hand through our picking line

6.     The materials are then stocked according to classification, ready to be recycled

Energy from Waste

Following extensive recycling and recovery processes, JWS sends non-recyclable residual materials to a local, UK-based Energy from Waste facility.

There, it can be used as an energy resource, providing our customers with a sustainable, non-landfill solution for the disposal of residues.

We believe that sourcing UK-based, local solutions for your waste materials results in a reduction of waste miles, carbon footprint and a more ecological service for our customers.

Food Waste as a Resource

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a process that treats food waste and ensures the waste can be used as a resource. As the food waste breaks down it produces gases that are used to generate electricity.

When food waste passes through the AD process, the by-product produced can then be used as a bio fertiliser, which is used as a replacement for nitrogen fertiliser which is both expensive and damaging to the environment.

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“JWS have helped us to recycle currently over 50% of our waste, which is an excellent result for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
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