Skip & Container Hire

From small projects to urban development in high-density areas, our skip hire & container service offers the ideal solution for your waste. We can arrange a service that meets your specific requirements, organising container exchanges and collections upon your request.

Our skip containers are available in 4 yard, 8 yard and 12 yard sizes depending on how much waste you are generating. If required, we can also offer lidded and/or lockable skips that can help to improve safety and security on your site.

If you need a different solution to skip containers, see below for some of the other options that we offer, including hook skips, rollonoffs and construction bins.

Skip - Bigger
Skip - Enclosed
Hook Skip - Orange Hook
 Crane-Liftable Hook Skips

Waste management doesn’t stop at ground level. If you require a waste management solution for higher levels, our crane-liftable hook skips are ideal for your site.

Safe and secure, our hook skips are tested to industry standards every 6 months so that you can be confident in the security on your site. See more about hook skip safety here.

This solution is designed to offer you an efficient way of managing your waste on site that doesn’t impact your operations. Take your waste management to new heights today.

Rollonoff (RoRo) Containers

Available in sizes 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 cubic yards, our rollonoff containers are ideal if your site produces a high volume of waste. This gives you the opportunity to store more waste on your site between exchanges, minimising your waste movements and helping to reduce your costs.

Rollonoff’s are also often enclosed and lockable, giving you that extra security and safety on your site, particularly your site is busy.

Unsure about whether a rollonoff would be ideal for you? Take a look at this blog post for more guidance.

Wheelie Bin - Large
 Construction Bins

If your site has limited space, you might not want a big skip taking up premium room on your site. This is where our construction bin service can be a handy solution for your business.

We can provide you with 660 litre wheelie bins for construction waste, giving you the ability to manoeuvre your waste containers around your site across multiple levels. This means that you can carry on with your onsite activities with ease and efficiency.

When it comes to waste collections, our Big Bite vehicle (a heavy duty trade vehicle) can empty your bins onsite – quick and simple.

Waste Compactors

If you produce a large amount of waste and you require a cleaner, more hygienic solution for your onsite waste storage,  a waste compactor would be ideal for your business.  These containers compact your waste, helping to reduce the frequency of waste collections required.

We can also off you a waste compactor with a bin-lifting mechanism. This means the contents of wheelie bins around your site can be emptied and compacted safely into your main container – keeping your site extra clean and tidy.

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