Materials Recycling Services

As one of the UK’s most progressive recycling centres, JWS make every effort to ensure that at least 90 percent of the waste material from every skip we process is recycled.

How We Do It

Collected waste material is tipped onto a large conveyor, where magnets are used to separate out metal objects before it enters a rotating drum called a ‘trommel’, which allows finer particles and smaller aggregates to fall onto smaller conveyors.

This material is separated further using an air conveyance system, while the remaining larger objects are sorted by hand and stocked according to classification, ready to be made into recycled materials.

Baler operation

Materials segregated

At the end of the process, significant volumes of various resources have been segregated for further processing, including:

Aggregate for road and construction use

Wood for chipboard production

Scrap metal

Metal for melting down and reuse

Soil pile

Soil for landscaping

Paper bales

Cardboard and paper for papermills


Residual waste as energy resource - Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

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