Success for NRC at the MRW National Recycling Awards 2018

NRC Award

The National Resource Consortium (NRC) enjoyed a tremendous night of success at the 2018 MRW National Recycling Awards as NRC took home the award for Recycling Excellence – Retail/Public Services.

NRC’s Recycling Excellence accolade was awarded for the consortium’s outstanding work with The Original Factory Shop (TOF’s). Through a collaborative process, NRC’s experts implemented new zero to landfill systems across TOfs’ 219 stores, 2 distribution hubs and the company’s head office which quickly cut waste and recycling costs by 40%.

Paul Jackson, NRC Director, commented:

“We’re thrilled to be recognised for our work with Tofs which is just one of the many cases where our thorough consultative process and honest approach to client communication has enabled us to deliver great improvements and savings.

“Although our operator network is made up of our industry’s leading independent firms, NRC itself is a fairly young company and this award is a fantastic endorsement of our collaborative approach to developing made-to-measure waste services.”

The team here at JWS were pleased to hear the success of the partnership between NRC and Tofs, both as a founding member of NRC and a service provider for the Tofs Distribution Centre.


Through NRC, the UK’s leading independent waste operators join forces to offer the flexibility, responsiveness and bespoke service of local providers, underpinned by corporate-quality capacity and outstanding contract management.

With a strong focus on environmentally responsible waste disposal, NRC diverts 93% of all customer waste from landfill, with many clients achieving 100% diversion from landfill.